Dance Fight

Red Peg Tees

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Dance Fight

 1,2,3,4 we’ve got epic dance war folks!

The Guz Moves is being called out by Dancing Orbit! So if you’ve got a pair of sunglasses, I advise you put them on, 'cuz these two are gonna light it up!

Alright guys you know the rules. As always keep it safe, keep it sexy, keep it macho! 

Dance Fight!


  • Printed on a super-comfortable tee.
  • Premium, lightweight blended crewneck (60% cotton/40% polyester). Durable, yet ultra-soft.
  • Unisex sizing with an athletic fit. Men should size up; women should size down.
  • Designed by Red Peg Tees.
  • Printed in the USA


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